The bestseller of the LIWELL® screening machines – Type LF - is characterized by its unique properties:

  • Two screen cases are brought into forced counteracting linear movement over an eccentric shaft
  • Cross bars alternately fixed to the inner and outer screen cases permanently change in this way their distance to each other
  • Flexible screen mats attached to the cross beams are loosened, tensioned and stretched through the distance change.
  • Liwell LF692

The simple and solid machine construction is only exposed to small acceleration forces (2-3 g) during being in operation. A long service life of the machine components is the result of this mode of operation.

The Type LF is available as a single-deck and as a double-deck.

  • The single deck is available with screening areas between 2.5 m² and 30,24 m²
  • The double deck design has screening areas between 2 x 2.5 m² and 2 x 26,46 m².

The individual structuring of the machines allows delivery according to customers’ requirements, i.e. "customized":

  • Optionally additional dust protection provisions
  • Color according to customer requirements
  • Different divisions of the screen mats
  • Side sealings of the screen mats in case of fine separations or in operation with sprinkling
  • Optional wear-protection precautions through rubber coatings or utilization of HARDOX plates and ceramics.
  • Mobile or semi-mobile constructions for more flexibility


Further information can be obtained as PDF-Files download.


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