Vacuum mixing systems

The HG system system is very user friendly and compact in use as well as in the maintenance. All seals are easily interchangeable. The machine can be assembled very fast and is easy to dismount when any maintenance work occurs.

Core of the system is the two-chamber system.

This unit is intended for the production of:

  • Dispersive solutions
  • Emulsions
  • Suspensions

The vacuum line HG higraMIX is complete and operational.

The main components are:

  • the high speed homogenisor with the direct supply and feed of the product
  • the recirculation
  • the vessel with scraper agitator
  • the discharge system for the finished product

The quick cycle

The components are supported by the Chamber system, homogenized and then put through the recirculation into the bowl. Here, they are mixed by a vertical and a horizontal stirrer. The circulation process takes so long until the required strength of the product is reached.

The application of this line guarantees the user:

  • a short work cycle
  • the homogeneous and stable product at the outlet from the unit
  • the exclusion of air and of conglomerates in the product
  • space-saving work surfaces
  • Ease of maintenance
  • fast and effective cleaning

There are various devices for the metering of the components. According to their needs, you can choose the configuration of the system, their throughput, material, maintenance facilities and degree of automation. It is possible to equip the plant with manual or automatic valves.

Additional equipment

Multi purpose systems are the HG of vacuum mixing equipment. However, there is the possibility to equip it in addition as follows:

  • Automation with PLC control
  • Possibility of registration of the production parameters
  • Fast cleaning system (CIP) working area
  • Sterilization after the SIP scheme
  • different types of stirrer
  • different metering options

Through the use of various mixing systems, the system can work with a wide variety of product types, which are also likely to survive a heat treatment if required.

Automating the process

higraMIX offers various levels of automation of the process ranging from the full automation of the production on the operation with manual control. By automating a large number of the recipes can be stored as well as various parameters of the process history are registered (the toughness of the product at the end, the temperature of the product, etc.). It is a holistic control of all functions.

The advantages of this equipment:

  • The ability to optimize the process itself through the system of registration of the process.
  • The ability to control the quality of the product through the system of registration and storage of basic parameters.

The systems for the rapid CIP cleaning (cleaning in place)

The system can be cleaned automatically by the fast cleaning CIP system. The utilization of recirculation system, it allows to reducethe water consumption by 2/3.

Through the recirculating systems the consumption of the washing solutions, we achieve the necessary concentration for cleaning the machine and for the even distribution of the wash solution over the entire machine. It allows us to reduce cleaning time and at the same time to make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

The laboratory variant HG PHI (pilot homogenizing installation)

The pilot plant PHI allows batches, mixing, dispersion, homogenization, ventilation, heating and cooling of the sample volume of the product from 3 to 12 litres in a container. The system is easy to clean, has no "blind spots" and ensures a high dispersion with droplet dispersion in the emulsion (1 µm). The system is multifunctional. It ensures the work of both simple and complex products. PHI has a user-friendly and modular system of control/automation.

Technical data:

  • Volume of 35 l-5000 l
  • Acceleration of the process up to 6-fold value
  • monitored forced mixing
  • aseptic design
  • high-quality equipment at reasonable prices
  • individual collection at the customer's request:
    • Manual operation
    • semi-automatic operation
    • automatic operation
    • with the peripheral equipment such as:
      • Steam generator
      • CIP stations
      • separate heating systems, buffer tanks, pumps.
TypekWTotalVolume (l)Water vacuum Pump(l/h)Steam consumption (l/h)
110/60 HG 5.50 6.50 6.10 membrane 0.3
HG 200 18.50 20,75 16.00 0.5 18
HG 500 18.50 22,20 31,20 0.5 45
HG 700 30,00 33,70 57.00 1.0 63
1000 HG 30,00 35.50 81.50 1.0 90
HG 1200 30,00 35.50 92.00 1.0 111
HG 1300 30,00 35.50 100.00 1.0 120

Pilot Vakuumhomogenisator HG 110-60

Semi-automatic Vakuumhomogenisator HG 700 with buffer tank and feed pump

Homogenizer HG 1300
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