Metal Wire Cloth

Metal Wire Cloth: It All Starts With a Perfectly Drawn Wire

The basis of any high quality metal wire cloth is an exact formed wire. That is why for decades we have kept extremely close ties with some of the world’s best wire manufacturers. This ensures the best possible starting point for the demands that we place on its own processing and finishing as well as the specific requirements of each individual customer. 
Wire is drawn by pulling wire rods that are initially relatively thick (diameter approx. 5 – 6.3 mm) a number of times through draw plates that decreases the diameter in tiny increments. Between the drawing stages, the wire is annealed to re-crystallize it. This helps ensure that the wire retains the physical properties demanded by us throughout the multiple-stage drawing process. The wire sizes used go down to a fineness of 0.016 mm (16/1000 mm). The particular challenge to the wirepuller is to produce a wire that is within a close tolerance of the specified wire diameter from the first to the last meter of the wire – throughout a length of a number of kilometres! 
All wires used undergo an intensive quality assurance process before they are released for the next stage in the production procedure.gaas1000x638


The characteristics and qualities of metal wire cloth are as varied as the applications and demands of our customers. The majority are made of stainless steel wires of the grades 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4541, 1.4571 and 1.4550 – to name just a few.
However, wires made of copper, brass, tin bronze, nickel, monel, aluminium or high-performance alloys such as inconel, incoloy or hastelloy have also been used. The diameters of the metal wires range from 0.016 to 1.4 mm, whereby the wire processing continues to explore developments at both ends of the spectrum.

BASICS 1 Metal Wire Cloths for Sieves and Filters.pdf

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