Wedge wire screens general

Wedge wire screens can be manufactured in two different variants. We distinguish here between wedge wire screens in welded and looped finish.

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Welded wedge wire screens

Corima welded wedge wire screens consist of sequentially arranged wedge wires which are connected vibration-resistant with cross bars to a firm screen by means a resistance welding. This results in screen openings in form of slots in-between the profiles. Theses slots can be adapted in their width according to application.




Looped slotted hole screens

Rima®, Rimetta® and Ultra-Rimetta wedge wire screens are pressed from round wire to the required profile building distance loops in the lower profile area. This enables to embed round cross bars through which the profiles are positioned and connected. Rima®, Rimetta® and Ultra-Rimetta wedge wire screens achieve a maximum of slot accuracy, as no heat development occurs during manufacture.





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