Wedge wire cylinders

Variants of wedge wire cylinders

The manufacture of these looped cylinders is executed on circular welding machines. The conical form wedge wire is resistance-welded on fixed cross bars. According to application, it can be produced a cylinder with an inside or outside screen surface and a circular slot.

radial innenaussen

Cylinders with an axial slot direction are produced, like the looped cylinders, on circular welding machines and manufactured through corresponding subsequent processing. The conical form wedge wires run parallel to the axis and the screen surface can be inside or outside, according to application. axial innenaussen
Cylinder in looped finish

For special areas of application (among others, the starch industry) screen cylinders can of course also be manufactured in looped finish. Adjoining is an example with two end flanges. In this case as well, almost all requirements by our customers can be realized after corresponding technical clarification.

geschlungen zylinder

Areas of application are e.g. :

  • Food industry (edible oil manufacture)
  • Water treatment and clarification (solid-liquid separation treatment of waste water)


Further information can be obtained as PDF-File download.


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