Screening system WS85 ® and WS83

The basic equipment of the WS 85® system.

The inside mats have a standard width of 300 mm. With the exterior mats, the system is adapted to every machine width. The standard lengths of the screen mats and the nockinbars are 1000 mm. Further developments are basically oriented toward standard dimensions.

01 WS 85System cross section
  • 1. WS support
  • 2. Nockinbar
  • 3. Inside mat Type "I"
  • 4. Outside Type "A"
  • 5. Side protection bar
  • 6. Wedge

Available WS 85® profile section supports

 02 Profiltraeger


03 Il Leiste

Screen mat types The special feature of the outside mats is that the nockinbar is already mounted to the outside mat "A". In case of application of an exterior mat "I-A", a further nockinbar is required.

Siebmatten Typen


Possible lateral side bars

07 Keilleisten

Lateral finish with wedge and I-A mat

08 Keilleisten

Lateral finish with "WS 85® edge protection" for the application of I mats

WS 85 Siebmatten Arten 00

Screen mats with one shore hardness

WS 85 Siebmatten Arten 01

Screen mats with soft top-layer and carrier-structure

WS 85 Siebmatten Arten 02

Screen mats for screening with throughout of one hardness or also in "flex" with soft polyurethane

 WS 85 Siebmatten Arten 03

Screen mats for dewatering with PU segments for layer thicknesses up to 250 mm

 WS 85 Siebmatten Arten 04

Screen mat with small bridge heights, membrane-type tensioned for screening of difficult materials

 WS 85 Siebmatten Arten 05

Rubber screen

WS 83 ... suitable for wet and dry screening for wire cloths and wire grids

WS 83 Bild 9

 WS 83 - wire cloths and wire grid in connection with WS 85®  The application of wire cloths in connection with plastic or rubber screens can be absolutely suitable, as for example in case of overloading the screen deck, in case of short-term changes to the cross cut and in case of earth-moist bulk materials

WS 83 WS 85 Bild 10

 WS 83 individual components

WS 83 Einzelteile Bild 11

Download Further information can be obtained as PDF-File download.


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