Screen panels made of polyurethane

Isenmann tensioning screens made of polyurethane Isepren tensioning screens made of polyurethane are composed of the polyurethane plastic plate, flexible rope reinforcement and according to requirements, the tensioning folds. As a result of the material applied, the screens are elastic by tension stress. The screen opening is not influenced in this case. A manufacture of the screens is possible with conical, square, oblong or slotted perforations.

Isepren tensioning screens have the following advantages (among others) through using of different degrees of hardness at the material:

  • A high level of abrasion resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High elasticity and
  • Effective silencing qualities.

The application temperature is max. 80 °C

The screens can be applied on all equipment for longitudinal or cross tensioning.


Cross tensioning.

The fold of the screen is bent upwards..


Longitudinal tensioning.

The fold is bent downwards..

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