The bestseller of the LIWELL® screening machines – Type LF - is characterized by its unique properties:

  • Two screen cases are brought into forced counteracting linear movement over an eccentric shaft
  • Cross bars alternately fixed to the inner and outer screen cases permanently change in this way their distance to each other
  • Flexible screen mats attached to the cross beams are loosened, tensioned and stretched through the distance change.Liwell LF692

The simple and solid machine construction is only exposed to small acceleration forces (2-3 g) during being in operation. A long service life of the machine components is the result of this mode of operation.

The Type LF is available as a single-deck and as a double-deck.

  • The single deck is available with screening areas between 2.5 m² and 30,24 m²
  • The double deck design has screening areas between 2 x 2.5 m² and 2 x 26,46 m².

The individual structuring of the machines allows delivery according to customers’ requirements, i.e. "customized":

  • Optionally additional dust protection provisions
  • Color according to customer requirements
  • Different divisions of the screen mats
  • Side sealings of the screen mats in case of fine separations or in operation with sprinkling
  • Optional wear-protection precautions through rubber coatings or utilization of HARDOX plates and ceramics.
  • Mobile or semi-mobile constructions for more flexibility


Further information can be obtained as PDF-Files download.


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