Wide-spiral-wire link belts Group 300/400

Wide-spiral-wire link belts Gr. 300 = spirals made of flat wire

Wide-spiral-wire link belts Gr. 400 = spirals made of round wire

Properties of the belts

  • The spirals of these belts are alternately wound clockwise and anti-clockwise. A straight belt motion is achieved by that to a large extent.
  • Through undulated cross rods, a precise adjustment of the spirals is achieved.
  • The large open area allows good penetration of air and liquids.
  • Smooth-running and flexible.
Dimensions (standard values)fromto
Ø Spiral 1,2 x 0,7 ≠ and 0,58 Ø 6,0 x 3,0 ≠ and 6,00 Ø
Ø Cross rod 0,70 8,00
Pitch 2,70 86,00
Increase 2,00 50,00
(All specifications in mm)

Dimensions & materials


  • Unalloyed / low-alloyed steels, bright or galvanized
  • Rust- and acid-resistant chrome and stainless steels
  • Heat-resistant chrome and stainless steels
  • Further materials on request

Possible belt edges and other applications

Bild 02 Bild 03 Bild 04 Bild 05
S = looped edge Sa = flattened looped edge B = bent edge K = welded head edge

 Bild 06

ZK = chain and welded head edge

Bild 07

RK = scraping edge with cross rods alternately bent upwards, welded

Bild 08

Belt in 3-fold construction with welded edge

Possible applications

  • Light to heavy items and bulk material
  • Paper, cardboard and veneer drier
  • Spray painting units
  • Textile, plastic and rubber industry
  • Washing, cooling, freezing and shrinking systems
  • Canned food, beverage and pastry industries
  • Cement and lime filling plants
  • Glass expansion and ceramics furnaces
  • Conveyor furnaces in the metal industry

The listings mentioned only the most frequent applications.

Examples of possible applications

Bild 09 Bild 10
This picture shows a belt No. 300/S (left-hand side) which runs in a sintering furnace and a belt No. 400/K (right-hand side) which runs in a coating unit. Wide-spiral-flat-wire link belt No. 300/K in a glass stress-relieving oven.
Bild 11 Bild 12
Wide-spiral-flat-wire link belt No. 300/B in a wood-veneer drier. Wide-spiral-round-wire link belt No. 408.5/K in the conveyor furnace for soldering


Further information can be obtained as PDF-File download. (PDF 741 KB)


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