Top design cages

Supporting cages, configuration top

We produce a wide selection of configurations for the guiding and securing of filter cages.

Top plate (heigth 20 mm)

klemmdeckel m venturiauflagehaken o venturi

Clamping cover (height 10 mm)

 klemmdeckel m venturiklemmdeckel o venturi

Hook type

auflagehaken m venturiauflagehaken o venturi

 Rolled flange

rollflansch m venturirollflansch o venturi

 Steeltube and  top plate

stahlrohr o venturistahlrohr m venturi


manschetten m venturimanschetten o venturi

Configuration without venturi

 ausfuehrung o venturi

Configuration with venturi

 ausfuehrung m venturi


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