Introduction Konti 18-H

Introduction Konti 18-H

KONTI 18 – H continuous centrifugals have been in long use in the suger-beet industry for purging B-massecuites. Single purging is sufficient when a medium sugar quality can be accepted. If however, demands are high pre- and after purging should be applied to obtain a B-sugar that can be compared with that from modern batch type centrifugals. In 1971 this was done for the first time with two Hein Lehmann centrifugals Konti 10 each offering a screening area of about 1.2 sqm. At a throughput of 18 t/h of B-massecuite the ash content of the sugar samples lay between 0.04 and 0.06 %.

The advantage of the KONTI 18-H is the combination in one function unit compared to a rather complex station with high expenditure of machinery, control equipment and energy. The standard station requires a mixer for the foreworker, the foreworker itself, a sugar mingler to form a magma, a pump for the magma, a mixer for the magma, the afterworker centrifugal, a dissolving tank and the controls for these machines. The Konti 18-H combines all these functions in one unit.

Main features of the double stage centrifugal Konti 18-H

  • Pre- and afterpurging in one centrifugal
  • Excellent sugar quality, excellent syrup separation
  • Dissolving of affinated sugar
  • Small quantity of syrup for mingling
  • Low wash water consumption
  • Heating of magma by steam before afterpurging
  • Stainless steel screen for bottom stage
  • No re-acceleration of sugar before second stage
  • Low energy consumption

Principles of design

The basket has a total screening area of 3.3 sqm distributed equally over both stages. The bottom screen for prepurging is made of stainless steel, the second stage screen is a chromium plated nickel screen, standard type of most continuous centrifugals.
The basket is connected to the shaft which is driven by an induction motor via pulley and V-belts. The shaft is supported by three bearings within the drive unit. The drive unit is connected with the bottom of the casing. This arrangement allows to make the machine very compact and stable.
The stages of the basket are fabricated of a special stainless steel with high tensile strength and excellent resistency against stress corrosion.
The centrifugal is driven by an induction motor of 90 kW. Power is transmitted via V-belts and pulleys. A disk brake is installed for stopping the machine in short time whenever the emergency push button is engaged.

All parts in contact with sugar, syrup and water are made of stainless steel: Basket, inner casing, outer casing, inner massecuite pipe, water valves etc.

Technical Data

Diameter of casing 2800 mm
Overall dimension 3850 mm
Total height 1770 mm
Total weight 6000 kg
Centrifugal basket: Maximum diameter top stage 1760 mm
Total effective screen area 3,30 m²
Weight of basket 560 kg
Working screens Schlitzmaß 0,06 - 0,09
Maximum speed of rotation 1160 U/min
Lubrication Oil circulation system
Standard motor 90 kW

Automatically controlled:

  • Massecuite
  • Dissolving water
  • Mingling liquid
  • Wash water (option)

Parts made of stainless steel:

  • Outside casing
  • Molasses casing
  • Centrifugal cover
  • Massecuite pipe
  • Wash water pipework
  • Mingling liquid pipework
  • Green molasses pipework
  • Wash molasses pipework
  • Centrifugal basket
  • Dissolving device
  • Mingling device
  • Nozzles, water valves

Parts made of mild steel:

  • Centrifugal base plate
  • Motor bracket
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