Circular motion screening machines

Conventional HEIN, LEHMANN screening machines offer the ideal solution for all standard applications. The bolted/welded construction with unbalanced shaft or unbalanced motor drive keeps the maintenance expenses low and provides a long service life.

The well-proven construction is also approved in detail:

  • Cross bars extensively machined to bore-hole gauge result in a low-tension structureUK voor
    • All types of screening panels from our own manufacture provide an optimal combination between machine and screen medium. Extensive utilization of standard parts and an intentional avoidance of more complex designs enable low-cost maintenance. Both, single-deck as well as double-deck screening machines.Welle
  • Possible panel variants are e.g.:
  • Wire cloths
  • Harp screens
  • Polyurethane screen panels
  • Exchange systems
  • Wedge wire screens
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