Sugar centrifugals description

Sugar centrifugals description

The KONTI 12-DCD is a self-discharging screen centrifugal with a conical basket (1). The basket is manufactured with an inclination of 30 degrees. On special request a basket with an inclination of 34° is also available.

The basket is connected to the shaft (19) which is driven by induction motor (24) via pulley (23), V-belts (21) and pulley (18). The shaft is supported by three bearings within the drive unit (20).
Basket (1) supports a pure nickel working screen (3) which is made of six parts. The nickel screen has a hard chromium plated working surface. If required higher quality stainless steel screens type CONIDUR are also available. The working screen is held in position by the clamping ring (10), whilst the upper edge is retained by six clamping pieces (2) at the overlaps.

Perforation mm Open screen area % Chromiumlayer µm Type of screen
0,06 x 1,66 7 10-20 Nickel
0,09 x 1,68 10 10-20 Nickel
0,06 x 2,50 7 -- Conidur®
0,06 x 1,00 6 -- Conidur®

The DOVEX® backing screen is made as per DIN 4192 Form E with smooth screen surface on one side.

Oil is stored in the reservoir (27). It is circulated by the pump (28) continuously into the drive unit (20), lubricates and cools the bearings and then returns to the oil reservoir (27). Grease lubrication is available on request. In this case, oil pump and container are not applied.

The massecuite flows through lump strainer (9) (option), control valve (8), the connection pipe with sight glass (6) and the feed pipe (5) into the preheater/distributor (4) where it is accelerated to the angular speed of the basket. For better throughput rates low grade massecuite is heated by steam. The required steam is introduced into the preheater through pipe (7).

The heated massecuite is caused to move upwards over the side of the clamping ring (10) and over the working screen (3) as a thin layer. Here the syrup passes through the screen openings into the liquid chamber (16) and (29) and leaves the centrifugal through the exit (25). The sugar gets to the edge of the basket where it is discharged into the solids chamber (14). The sugar drops out of the solids chamber which is open at the bottom into a funnel from where it gets into a conveying device. Sugar adhering in chamber (14) is removed by means of steam flowing through pipe (13).

Wash water will be given centrally into pipe (6) and (5) or through wash water pipe (26) equipped with spray nozzles. For raw sugar massecuite and affination, adjustable flat jet nozzles connected to the wash water pipe (26) ensure a most effective wash water feed onto the working screen.zuckerzentrifuge


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